Put a Cork in It or Screw It: The Practicality of Wine Closures

Natural corks, often used as wine enclosures, have been used for centuries by winemakers and have been shown to contribute to the sustainability for habitats of certain endangered species. The Cork Quality Council reported that conservation and development of cork forests can inhibit desertification of cork forests through North Africa and the Mediterranean region. Cork […]

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Trademarking Your Wine in the EU

  On May 20, world leaders at the World Intellectual Property Organization met in Geneva, Switzerland for a two-week conference where they adopted the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement.  This Act would provide better protection for geographical indications (GIs) for trademarks.  GIs indicate the origin of a product which is important to many business […]


Thinking of Bringing Your Own Wine To A Restaurant?

It is common for wine enthusiasts to bring their own bottles of wine to their favorite restaurants, rather than opting to “cheers” to one on the restaurant’s designated wine list. This “BYOW” practice gives customers the freedom to bring their favorite wines to participating restaurants; allowing special wines to be shared and drank with ease […]