What Restaurants and Other Retailers Should Know About California’s New Mandatory Sick Leave Law

Restaurants, wineries, breweries and other businesses in California may need to restructure their instituted sick leave policies following the passing of The Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 and Assembly Bill No. 304 in 2015. California’s newly adopted law, which became effective in July 2015, makes employees of California businesses entitled to at least […]

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Trademarking Your Wine in the EU

  On May 20, world leaders at the World Intellectual Property Organization met in Geneva, Switzerland for a two-week conference where they adopted the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement.  This Act would provide better protection for geographical indications (GIs) for trademarks.  GIs indicate the origin of a product which is important to many business […]

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In The News: West Coast Brewers Expand To East Coast Locations

Some of our favorite West Coast breweries have made the news recently as they continue pursuing plans to expand their operations across the country. Stone Brewing Company, Green Flash Brewing Company and 21st Amendment Brewery are just some of the California-based breweries that will open East Coast locations in the near future. The advantages of […]

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New Law Would Allow Distillers To Make Limited Retail Sales To Consumers During Tastings

Assembly Bill 1233, introduced in February 2015, proposes to allow distillers to make limited retail sales to consumers during authorized distilled spirits tastings. If passed, the proposed law, introduced by Assembly Members Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) and Susan Eggman (D-Stockton), would amend California Business & Professions Code § 23363.1 to benefit regional California distilleries, allowing […]

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Business Structuring Options for New Brewers and Winemakers

Start up wineries and breweries have a few options allowing them to get a head start on their manufacturing operations with little investment. As opposed to beginning a conventional winemaking or brewing operation, which requires a business to lock down a winery or brewery premises, buy equipment, and incur other overhead costs prior to manufacturing, a […]