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Wine, Beer and Distilled Spirits Tastings at Your Local Grocery Store

Have you ever seen wine tastings being conducted at a local grocery store or beer samples being offered at a local package store? That is because off-sale alcoholic beverage retailers in the state of California may apply for a license allowing them to have “instructional tasting events” for consumers on their licensed premises “on the […]

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New Law Would Allow Distillers To Make Limited Retail Sales To Consumers During Tastings

Assembly Bill 1233, introduced in February 2015, proposes to allow distillers to make limited retail sales to consumers during authorized distilled spirits tastings. If passed, the proposed law, introduced by Assembly Members Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) and Susan Eggman (D-Stockton), would amend California Business & Professions Code § 23363.1 to benefit regional California distilleries, allowing […]

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California Drought Brings Afloat New Legislation

On January 17, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency for California, due to the State experiencing what is “perhaps the worst drought that [it] has ever seen since records (began) about 100 years ago.”[1] As a part of this Proclamation, Brown mandated that water consumption be reduced by 20% by 2020, ordered […]

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“Breakpoint” For Commercial Retail Leases

In large metropolitan areas, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, commercial real estate leases often differ from residential leases in that they offer the landlord the opportunity to accumulate not only rent payments, but a portion of the tenant’s financial success as well. By drafting a lease that includes provisions for […]

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Northern California Vintners Continue To Stress Sustainability

Every year, Governor Jerry Brown presents the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) through a program meant to “recognize individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California’s precious resources, protecting and enhancing our environment, building public-private partnerships and strengthening the State’s economy.” Deemed the “State’s […]